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AnX Robotica Corp receives 510(k) clearance from FDA to market its IntraMarX™ Radiopaque Markers

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Plano, TX – March 31st, 2020

AnX Robotica Corp receives 510(k) clearance from FDA to market its IntraMarX™ Radiopaque Markers

Plano, TX March 31st, 2020 – AnX Robotica Corp (AnX) today announced that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance to market its IntraMarX™ Radiopaque Markers (ROM).

Radiopaque markers are used to measure colon transit time and they are the most basic and primary tool in evaluating disorders of colonic motility. The radiopaque marker test is the most widely used diagnostic testing method for colonic motility disorders. It is simple to perform as well as being cost effective.

“Our market research found that radiopaque markers have been increasingly difficult to obtain. Despite this, ROM’s remain the gold standard for diagnosis of GI motility disorders,” said Lee Linton, Director of Sales & Marketing at AnX Robotica Corp. AnX plans to make the markers available through its website with direct ordering and immediate delivery, direct to the physician, GI department or radiology department of the ordering facility. This is the first product of an entire platform of GI capsule related products which AnX plans to introduce beginning in 2020.

“After having so much difficulty getting radiopaque markers for evaluating colonic motility, it was terrific that AnX is now making this test available without delay for my patients. Many GI’s such as I have had to utilize more expensive and overburdensome tests due to the difficulty of accessing these markers. It is nice to now have an office-based method to evaluate constipation and slow transit disorders, and even to assess overflow diarrhea and correlate the results with patient symptoms”, said Dr. Douglas Drossman (Drossman Gastroenterology/Rome Foundation President Emeritus and COO).

AnX’s IntraMarX™ Radiopaque Markers are available in three (3) shapes, Round, Double-D and Tri-chamber for easy identification and location on x-rays. They are available in packages of 10 (10-pack) and (3 X 10-pack). The 3 X 10-pack includes one of each available shape.

The AnX website is, 

Orders may also be placed by calling, (469) 606-9495. 

About AnX Corp

AnX Robotica has developed the NaviCam™ System, a robotic control platform for GI diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The NaviCam System utilizes advanced robotic technologies, innovative software & AI to give practitioners external control of capsules inside the body. AnX’s initial application is the NaviCam Stomach Capsule for visualization of the stomach. The NaviCam System is widely used with over 200,000 patients benefiting from the procedure in 2019 alone. AnX Robotica has also developed an advanced capsule for small bowl visualization (NaviCam™ SBXact) and a product for constipation (VibraBot™), with additional products forthcoming. AnX Robotica is based in Texas and California with worldwide sales.


Lee Linton, Director of Sales & Marketing

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