IntraMarX™ Radiopaque Markers

The New Generation of Radiopaque Markers

Improved Visibility on X-Ray

Simple & Improved for Diagnosis of GI Motility Disorders


IntraMarX™ Key Features

  • Time Saving
  • Cost Effective
  • Low Radiation Exposure (1 X-ray with Simple Method)
  • Markers are Visable, Clear and Distinctive on X-ray

Projection Simulation

Convenient and easy, ordering and stocking available in your office.

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Two IntraMarX™ Methods

Simple IntraMarX™ Method

One Dot capsule is ingested on day 1. A low-radiation X-ray on day 6 determines the location and the extent of elimination of the radiopaque markers.

Segmental IntraMarX™ Method

One Dot capsule is ingested on day 1, one Ring capsule on day 2, and one Tri-Chamber capsule on day 3. Low-radiation X-ray on days 4 and 7 determine the location and extent of elimination of the various shaped radiopaque markers.

Compared to other radiopaque markers in US market, IntraMarX™ are distinguishable from all view angles by X-ray, enabling better accuracy in the segmental test.


IntraMarX™ are to be dispensed only by physicians to patients for oral intake.

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