NaviCam™ Stomach Capsule System

Take "Control" The First Robotic
Magnetically Controlled Capsule

New Non-Invasive Method For

Complete Visualization Of The Stomach

  • Non-Invasive,
    no sedation
  • Single-use
  • Direct and controlled visualization of gastric pylorus, angulus, antrum, body, fundus, and cardia
  • Procedure Time
    15 minutes
  • Eye Protection
  • High Quality Imaging

NaviCam™ Stomach Capsule

Endoscopy Procedure

1. Prepare with Portable Data Recorder

2. Ingest Capsule

3. Examine Real Time

4. Read, Interpret, Report


Capsule Endoscopy

Traditional capsule endoscope is propelled by natural motility of the digestive tract. while the stomach is also affected by gravity. These limitations have traditionally prevented complete visualization of the gastric cavity. The NaviCam™ Stomach Capsule can be guided real-time in 5 dimensions, 2 rotational and 3 translational by the physician sitting at the control console.

NaviCam™ has been demonstrated in a multi-center blinded study comparing Stomach Capsule with conventional gastroscopy in 350 patients from Aug 2014 to Dec 2014. Looking for more information about this product?


Take "Control" with

NaviCam™ Stomach Capsule

NaviCam™ is...

  • Guided in 5 dimensions, 2 rotational and 3 translational
  • Guided by Medical Practitioner seated at the control console

Take "Control" with NaviCam™

Precise Control at 5 mm Accuracy

Capsule Position And Direction Control

  • Three-dimension translational and two-dimension rotational control to guide precise movement of capsule inside stomach
  • Operator can guide the motion of the capsule to control up, down, forward, backward, left, right, tilt, rotate, and jump

Capsule Up

Capsule Down

Capsule In Horizontal Position

Capsule Position Reset

Reset button to quickly move the capsule back to original position for examination of next gastric landmark


Imaging And Reading

Simple, intuitive review screen

Easily capture images by pressing right joystick button during live review

Complete Visualization

Looking for more information about this product?

Read Brochure Non-Contact Endoscopy Option