NaviCam™ UGI Capsule System

Not yet cleared for marketing in the USA

Viewing of The Esophagus And Stomach

In One Procedure

AnX Upper GI Capsule when utilized with the NaviCam™ System enables physicians to view the esophagus and stomach with one procedure. A capsule is swallowed by the patient while the physician manually controls the speed in which the capsule passes through the esophagus enabling view and capture of images of interest. After entering the stomach the capsule is then controlled with the NaviCam™ System to control the capsule to view and capture images of the stomach.

Patient Friendly

AnX UGI Capsule enables viewing of the esophagus and stomach without sedation in a quick and easy procedure. Discomfort and recovery is significantly reduced. A thin pliable tether enables physician control of the speed during ingestion then released into the stomach to robotically control the capsule with the NaviCam™ System.

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