About Our Company

AnX Robotica

AnX Robotica Corp, together with its sister company, Ankon Medical Technologies, has developed the NaviCam™ System, a robotic control platform for gastrointestinal diagnosis and therapeutic applications. The NaviCam™ System utilizes advanced robotic technologies combined with innovative and intelligent software to give medical practitioners external control of capsules inside the human body.

AnX brings versatility in development and integration of multi-discipline technologies such as precise magnetic control, in house ASIC design, artificial intelligence, micro-optical imaging, image processing, and wireless transmission, etc. With more than 200 patents granted or applications pending, and dozens of clinical papers published in major international journals, AnX Robotica, together with its sister companies, have become a leading robotic capsule technology company by delivering more than 200,000 capsules to worldwide customers in 2019.

With the innovation of the NaviCam™ “Magnetically Controlled Capsule Endoscope System”, we had developed a new way of non-invasive complete visualization of the stomach with comparable performance to gastroscopy (EGD) – the gold standard. Our newest application of Artificial Intelligence for the small bowel endoscopy (NaviCam™ SB with NaviCam Engine™) has been recognized as a “New Era for Diagnosis of Small Bowel Disease”. Notably, it was highlighted on the cover page of the well-known journal “Gastroenterology” in October 2019.

AnX Robotica Corp has also developed a vibrating capsule for the treatment of constipation (VibraBot™), a radiopaque marker test used by physicians to diagnose motility disorders (IntraMarX™) as well as additional products which the company will introduce over the next few years. AnX Robotica Corp is based in Texas and California with worldwide sales.

Our History

The company’s roots go back to 2008 when founders began designing and building the basic robotic capsule endoscope in Silicon Valley. With the vision to develop and manufacture high tech medical devices for diagnosing and treating digestive diseases, they subsequently established ANKON Medical Technologies in 2009. Ankon became the first company in the world to commercialize the “Magnetically Controlled Capsule Endoscope System”. In 2019 ANKON formed a joint venture with Softbank China VC and established US based AnX Robotica Corp in Texas and Silicon Valley California.