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AnX Robotica’s NaviCam™ System has achieved a medical milestone by enabling the ability to do a gastroscopy examination with a non-invasive, patient-friendly procedure while giving the physician complete control. By simply swallowing a pill-sized gastroscopy capsule, patients can undergo a thorough stomach examination in approximately 15 minutes with no sedation or invasive procedures. The technology has been utilized in over a half-million patients worldwide including over 200,000 patients in 2019.

AnX Robotica Corporation, founded in 2019 is an advanced technology medical device company integrating innovative research and development with the mission of providing the medical community with patient-friendly devices for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. AnX products include the “Magnetically Controlled Robotic Capsule Endoscope”.

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The First Robotic Magnetically Controlled Capsules Of Their Kind

The new generation of radiopaque markers with improved visibility on X-rays.

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Radiopaque Markers

The first robotically controlled capsule for visualization of the stomach.

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NaviCam™ Stomach

Capsule System

NaviCam™ SB with NaviCam Engine™ - Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy with Intelligent Reading Support.

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NaviCam™ SB

Capsule System

Complete examination of the esophagus, stomach and small intestine.

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NaviCam™ UGI

Capsule System

The AnX Robotica Vibrating Capsule mechanically stimulates peristalsis in the large intestine for treatment of constipation.

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High frame rate dual-camera enables NaviCam™ Colon Capsule to be a minimally invasive tool for visualization of the colon.

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NaviCam™ Colon

Capsule System

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