Patient First

AnX Robotica

AnX offers a complete line of patient friendly, non-invasive, technologies to visualize the GI tract, which can be prescribed by your physician. These products allow the physician to visualize and therefore potentially diagnose disease in your digestive tract.

The NaviCam procedure

Typical “Upper GI” procedures involve the physician inserting a long fiberoptic scope through your mouth, down your esophagus to view the inside of your stomach. This enables visualization of the tissue and can also allow the physician to take tissue samples and perform other therapeutic procedures. This procedure often irritates the throat, instigates your gag reflex and causes soreness which many patients find quite uncomfortable. 

The NaviCam™ Capsule Endoscopy System allows the physician to visualize the same anatomy and requires the patient to swallow a vitamin size capsule and lie on the bed while the physician moves the capsule inside your stomach. It is non-invasive and usually takes less than 30 minutes. Once the physician has visualized the anatomy, he/she can determine if further treatment and follow-up would be necessary.


In addition to being non-invasive, the NaviCam™ Robotic Capsule does not require sedation. Patients can have the procedure without the need of a companion to bring them to the procedure and take them home. Also, unlike typical gastroscopy (scope) procedures, no recovery time is required due to the residual effects of sedation. Patients often can have the procedure and get their results in the same visit, then return home or go to work. NaviCam™ is an alternative for patients who do not tolerate sedation or anesthesia.